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Conservatory & Orangery Furniture

Our furniture works extremely well in a conservatory or orangery. The raw materials can cope with the extremes of temperature and the large amounts of sunshine, but unlike much traditional conservatory furniture it is stylish and superbly comfortable.

Whether you have a traditional home conservatory or a contemporary orangery, our furniture is certain to enhance any space. Our designs combine traditional aesthetics and modern comfort for a truly innovative collection. You can make the most of even a small conservatory with our designs. There are so many options to choose from. Explore our conservatory decor ideas today.

Browse our suggested ranges of conservatory and contemporary orangery furniture, below.

There are 5 ranges to choose from, and a number of pre-determined sets which provide a range of potential solutions depending on your style-preference and the space you have available.

Immediately below we show solutions suitable for people with larger spaces (typically 3m by 4m) – these sets include a sofa and therefore allow seating of 4 or more people; below that we show solutions for people with smaller spaces (less than 3m squared, or longer narrow spaces) – typically featuring two comfy chairs with accessories.

Furniture for large Conservatories & Orangeries

The following sets are well-suited to people with large conservatories and orangeries.

Bantul chair

Furniture for Smaller Conservatories & Orangeries

The following sets are well-suited to people with small or medium-sized conservatories and orangeries.

jogya 4 piece setjogya 4 piece set
jogya 4 piece setjogya 4 piece set

Product footprints

Figure out what will work in your space, using our cut-out footprints and scaled paper floor plans

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