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Contemporary, modular design.

Luxurious and flexible seating, space efficient.

The Low Jepara range provides our most flexible seating solution yet. The clever modular design allows you to create more or less whatever shape you want; whilst the low backs mean you can make the most of any views. So this range is an excellent choice for traditional conservatories, octagonal summerhouses, modern garden-rooms and many other spaces.

4 cunning modular products

Corner, middle and hexagonal chairs, plus corner sofa: creating a wealth of modular possibilities.

The corner chair works well up against a wall, or fits neatly into corners. When pushed together two corner chairs make an impromptu cosy two-seater sofa.

The corner sofa unit provides an excellent basis for L-shaped seating around two walls, without the seating in the corner becoming too long or awkward.

Our hexagonal chair has been cunningly designed to fit snugly into windows or spaces where the walls meet at 135°; while our middle chair provides the final piece of flexibility to the kit; it can be added between two corner chairs, or to either side of a corner sofa unit, and many more options.

Modular Design

Tailor this range to fit your space

The cunning modular design of the Jepara range means you can create various layout options depending on the space and room shape available. Here are just a few of the possible shapes that can be created (as seen from above).

Works a treat in conservatory bay windows with 135 degree angles, or octagonal summerhouses. Also great at creating an L-shaped arrangement, where (importantly) you can be comfortable in the corner seat; most modular suites have a corner chair which is too deep and has no space for your legs!

Matching accessories include a side table, a footstool with cushion, and an octagonal coffee table with removable shelf, which can also be supplied with a fitted cushion to make a generous pouffe.

Items in the Jepara Range

There are 8 products in the Jepara range, which combine to provide a wealth of modular possibilities. Three chairs, one sofa, side-table, footstool, coffee-table and pouffe.

Jepara corner chairCorner Chair

w: 75 x h: 75 x d: 75cm

Jepara corner sofaCorner Sofa

w:154 x h: 75 x d: 75cm

Jepara hexagonal chairHexagonal Chair

w: 91 x h: 75 x d: 79cm

Jepara middle chairMiddle Chair

w: 75 x h: 74 x d: 75cm

Jepara side table Side Table

w: 42 x h: 58 x d: 42cm

Jepara footstool Footstool

w: 42 x h: 54 x d: 42cm

Jepara octagonal pouffeOctagonal Pouffe

w: 75 x h: 45 x d: 75cm

Jepara octagonal coffee table
Octagonal Coffee Table

w: 75 x h: 37 x d: 75cm

Product footprints

Figure out what will work in your space, using our cut-out footprints and scaled paper floor plans

Download here

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Jepara Set Options

Shown below are two popular combinations with the advantage of a set discount.

The 4-piece set is perfect for a couple, and fits into all kinds of smaller spaces anywhere in the house.

The large 6-seater set gives great flexibility, and is particularly suitable if you have an L-shaped space where you want to have cosy furniture with lots of seating.

You can of course also add tables, stools and any other accessories to your purchase.


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