Jogya 7 Piece sofa set


This is a fabulous suite for anyone looking to seat 5 people in great comfort and style. It features a two-seater sofa, a pair of quirky high-low chairs, and a single chair with matching accessories.

The 2 main Jogya chairs feature Tord Kjellstrom’s unique asymmetrical design: with one side high, the other low. The high side provides a cosy corner for you to snuggle into, while the low side is the perfect height for reaching your drink. The third chair is symmetrical with low sides; this way it fits neatly between the other two chairs, or can be used on its own, as a single matching throne! The sofa makes a really comfy space for two people to sit side-by-side, or you can stretch out on it and enjoy a chaise-longue effect.

The side table sits neatly between the two chairs – whilst the coffee table works nicely in front of the sofa. The footstool adds a touch of real luxury to the sitting experience; it is also good as an occasional seat, or as a low table with the cushion removed.

The main material used is rattan. The chair and table skeletons are made from a structure of rattan poles, while the wickerwork uses fine peeled rattan. The wooden elements are made using FSC-certified teak and acacia (for seat-frames) and mahogany (for shelves and table tops). Feather cushions are added here in the UK for luxury and comfort. The seat cushions feature a feather down and foam sandwich to make them more supportive.

Geneva AgapanthusGeneva AgapanthusGeneva CrimsonGeneva CrimsonLinara AzureLinara AzureNaina BeachNaina BeachScala JadeScala JadeTaaru FestivalTaaru Festival
Fabric Colour

Geneva Agapanthus, Geneva Crimson, Linara Azure, Naina Beach, Scala Jade, Taaru Festival


Set includes: Width  Height Depth
Chair (High right) 93cm 115cm 89cm
Chair (High Left) 93cm 115cm 89cm
Symmetrical chair 93cm 115cm 89cm
Sofa 163cm 115cm 95cm
Footstool 45cm 50cm 45cm
Side table 40cm 66cm 40cm
Coffee table (wooden top) 87cm 52cm 47cm
Coffee table (glass top) 91cm 52cm 51cm 


Note: these dimensions are based on the widest and highest point of the chairs. The chair footprint is smaller than these sizes imply because the design is wider at the top than on the floor.

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Fabric Colour

Geneva Agapanthus, Geneva Crimson, Linara Azure, Naina Beach, Scala Jade, Taaru Festival