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Remarkable furniture for garden rooms, orangeries and other living spaces.

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Feelgood Furniture

Semarang chair, sofa and tables, in bright conservatory, Fairtrade Conservatory Furniture

Our tsantai collection – created by Swedish designer Tord Kjellstrom – offers unique ‘feel-good’ conservatory furniture for garden rooms, conservatories, open-plan living spaces and many other situations.

Guaranteed Fairtrade

Furniture under construction in Indonesia - Fairtrade Furniture

We are the only furniture company in Europe who are guaranteed and independently verified by the World Fair Trade Organisation. So you can be sure you and our producer partners are all getting a fair deal.

Try the Furniture

Fairtrade Furniture display stand at a show

Our furniture can be sampled year round at a number of display partners across England. Once we are out of the current restrictions you will be most welcome to visit our Dorset showroom. We also hope to be back at some of our favourite shows this summer.

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Stunning, comfortable and ethical conservatory furniture. 

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With our flagship Semarang range and many others, we’re sure to have the perfect fit for your home.


A Message from Hugh Ross

Hello and welcome to Fair Trade Furniture!

It amazes me how often customers use the word ‘different’ when they describe our products and the way that we do things. But I’m also very pleased about that word, because when we dreamed up this business nearly 20 years ago, what we wanted to do was create special furniture products that people would cherish, and do it in a way that demonstrated best practice in business ethics and environmental impact.

As you browse the site I hope the pictures and videos will give you a decent idea of both our product and our values…

2020 was a tumultuous year for us and for our partners in Indonesia. Like so many small businesses, we faced many challenges and had to do a lot of soul-searching to figure out how to survive. Sadly one of our two partners in Java (Pondok Kayu Tropis) did not make it through the crisis, and had to close down altogether; the other (INORI) has now reinvented their operation with a new workshop, new carpenters and new energy. In the meantime we have moved out of Salisbury and are now safely ensconced in Dorset, where we have set up our new office, show room and workshop facilities.

This feelgood furniture of ours ideally needs to be sat in to be fully understood, so we encourage you to visit us or one of our display partners.

  If you would like to discuss any project you might have in mind, why not contact us by phone – 01722 340881 –  or email me directly.

Thanks for your interest and continuing support


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Hugh Showroom

The Ranges

Check out our conservatory furniture

We have 6 ranges each with their own personality. Semarang and Jogya both feature an asymmetrical chair concept, high on one side to create a cosy corner. Jepara is our low-backed modular range, Kartosuro an under-stated modern classic, and Bantul our neat and petite range. Our innovative Semarang Dining range completes the collection.


– Curl up, feel-good.

Semarang Range in a bright garden room conservatory with people relaxing


– Quirky, relaxing, cosy.

Jogya Range in a conservatory


– Space efficient, modular.

Jepara Range in a bright garden room conservatory


Classic lines, elegant.

Kartosuro Range in a garden room conservatory


Compact, comfortable.

Bantul Range in a garden room conservatory

Semarang Dining

Stylish, sociable.

Semarang Dining Range in a modern garden room conservatory

Who Benefits

Pondok Kayu Tropis

Pondok Kayu Tropis (PKT) are one of our producer partners in Indonesia. They are a family firm based in Kendal, outside the city of Semarang, on the North coast of Java. Their team of carpenters and weavers benefit from our regular orders and up-front monthly payments, which allow Tri (the female owner) to pay them decent wages, and provide a range of additional benefits. Find out more

Come and try the furniture

This furniture is extremely comfortable, but that is hard to convey in pictures, so we very much encourage you to come and try for yourselves. Hence our cheesy mantra… Sitting is believing!

Dorset Showroom

conservatory furniture near me

In our new Dorset home-showroom you can see examples of all our standard ranges, and have an in-depth discussion about fabrics, space and any other design issues – Click here for contact details. 


Fairtrade Furniture display stand at a show

Enjoy a day-out at one of the 15 or more shows we exhibit at during the spring and summer. Be it home interiors, gardening, horse events, or countryside shows we think you will find something to appeal.

Display Partners

Semarang Range on display in a summer house with retail partner

We have retail partners in the South West and the Midlands, and other display partners in various parts of the country, where you can go to see and try our best-selling ranges.