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Our core furniture ranges
Semarang, Jogya, Bantul

For these ranges lead-times are typically 6-8 weeks.

Our 3 core ranges offer stunning contemporary garden room furniture, each range with its own personality. Semarang and Jogya both feature a quirky asymmetrical chair concept, high on one side to create a cosy corner, stylish and super-comfortable.  Bantul, our neat and petite range, is ideal for smaller spaces.

To discuss your requirements in person, we welcome you to contact us, or arrange a showroom visit.  You can also place your order online.


– Curl up, feel-good.

Semarang Range in a bright garden room conservatory with people relaxing


– Quirky, relaxing, cosy.

Jogya Range in a conservatory


Compact, comfortable.

Bantul Range in a garden room conservatory

Made-to-Order Ranges

Kartosuro, Jepara, Semarang Dining

These ranges are produced on a bespoke basis, tailored to your precise requirements: lead times are 4-6 months.

Kartosuro is an under-stated modern classic, available in 3 different weaving fibres; Jepara is our low-backed space-efficient modular range; and our innovative Semarang Dining range completes the collection.

For more information about these ranges, or to arrange a consultation with our team to discuss the options in these made-to-order ranges, please contact us or book a showroom visit.


Classic lines, elegant.

Kartosuro Range in a garden room conservatory


– Space efficient, modular.

Jepara Range in a bright garden room conservatory

Semarang Dining

– Stylish, sociable.

Semarang Dining Range in a modern garden room conservatory