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Conservatory Furniture Staffordshire

Enjoy our feelgood conservatory furniture for your Staffordshire home.

Here at Fair Trade Furniture, we’re committed creating elegant and supremely comfortable conservatory furniture for homes in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. Our partners at Malvern Garden Buildings have a showroom for conservatory furniture in Leek where they have two of our best-selling ranges of on display for you to try.

Our conservatory furniture is designed and crafted with the feelgood mantra at its heart. Swedish visionary Tord Kjellstrom creates unique and eye-catching designs for us. We’re passionate about bringing our distinctive styles and unrivalled levels of comfort to homeowners around the country. Now, conservatories, summerhouses and garden rooms in and around Staffordshire can enjoy conservatory furniture to make your mind, body and spirit feel good.

All of us at Fair Trade Furniture, and our partners at Malvern, are passionate about our Fair Trade values. We endeavour to appreciate our skilled workforce and share their efforts with homeowners in Staffordshire. Every person involved in the production of our pieces put their heart into the process, which creates the unrivalled comfort and style of your finished product.

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Fair Trade Values

We are proud to live by our Fair Trade values.

We wear our badge of verification from the World Fair Trade Organisation proudly on all our products. This group has independently verified Fair Trade Furniture, and we’re the first furniture company in Europe to hold this honour. The creation of our conservatory furniture is carried out with these values close to our hearts. Fair Trade is as important to us as the furniture, as you can tell since they’re next to each other in our name.

As a company, we are uniquely and wholly Fair Trade all the way through the process, from the design to the final production of our conservatory furniture. We are committed to the skilled craftspeople responsible for our distinctive pieces, and we work to ensure they receive excellent economic and emotional opportunities, fair payment and healthy living and working conditions. When you choose our conservatory furniture, it won’t just be you who feels good.

It’s easy to browse our website or visit our conservatory furniture showrooms like the one in Leek and be impressed by the wide range of conservatory furniture we offer – from chairs, sofas, side tables and more. But it’s sometimes harder to remember the people who make it possible. Fair Trade is in our name and its values at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate about ensuring the hard work of our partners is appreciated.

Showroom Partners

Try our conservatory furniture and see how good it feels.

You can see products from two of our most popular conservatory furniture ranges for yourself at Malvern Garden Buildings in Leek, Staffordshire. At their showroom, you can enjoy versatile ranges that will suit any living space. Malvern’s displays of summerhouses and garden rooms highlight how exquisite our Fair Trade furniture looks in these, as well as traditional conservatories. Explore our range of designs that are at home in any home, all year round.

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Beautifully crafted, quirky and comfy.

If you’re considering new furniture for your garden room, summerhouse, conservatory or even just your living and dining area, look no further than our flagship range, Semarang. It’s the ultimate in feelgood furniture, a distinctive design classic that’s versatile enough to work in any interior space as part of the aesthetic of your Staffordshire home.

The Semarang chair is a very sculptural object, as much a work of art as a piece of conservatory furniture. With a high back and one generously cushioned higher side, you can settle into your cosy corner and relax anywhere in your Staffordshire home. Use its other lower side to easily reach over to your matching side table and grab a drink as you settle in, relax and feel good.


Combine to create unrivalled levels of comfort.

The Jogya chairs embrace you in a comforting cocoon with their wrap-around high-sides. This design is decidedly bold and thoroughly modern, making these chairs perfect for sleek summerhouses and garden rooms, as well as traditional conservatories, for any properties in Staffordshire.

This range of versatile conservatory furniture allows you to create a social space in your garden room or summerhouse with their asymmetrical design. Choose Jogya chairs with alternative high-right and high-left sides that line up and work together neatly and exquisitely in your Staffordshire home. For those looking to relax in total peace and quiet, we also offer a symmetrical chair for you to enjoy without distraction.

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Conservatory Furniture Prices Staffordshire

Choose our versatile conservatory furniture for your home.

At Fair Trade Furniture, we’re committed to providing elegant conservatory furniture in a wide range of styles. Our mantra is all about feeling good. The best way to understand this is to experience it at one of our partners’ showroom. Visit Malvern to see our conservatory furniture for yourself in Leek, Staffordshire.

You can also visit our very own Dorset Showroom. Here, you can find a much wider collection of conservatory furniture from our many ranges to fill your summerhouse or garden room with chairs and sofas that truly make you feel good. Give us a call on 01722 340882 or contact us to book an appointment.


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