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Request a Swatch

To order a selection of swatches, just click on the images below and then fill in your contact details.

If there is another swatch you’d like which isn’t shown in the options below, select the ‘other’ image and write the swatch name(s) in the box provided below.

Please limit your selection to a maximum of 8 swatches.

Geneva Marjoram

Delta Lime

Linara Basil

Omega Pistachio

Geneva Ocean

Omega Lagoon

Linara Buxton Blue

Delta Powder Blue

Geneva Alabaster

Linara Teak

Linara Khaki

Omega Hemp

Linara Pumpkin

Delta Poppy

Omega Mustard

Sefina Duck Egg

Kaiko Rockpool

Chella French Blue

Mikado French Blue

Mikado Silver Birch

Sefina Mushroom

Chella Quince

Mikado Dandelion

Kaiko Pumpkin



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