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On location in rural Berkshire

HR Phoebe and Semarangs

They say “a picture speaks a thousand words”… so getting good photographs is a vital part of the way we present our furniture. Last week we had the pleasure of an early season photoshoot. Take a look behind the scenes here…

First pick a lovely location!

Well it helps if you have nice customers, or better still flexible family and friends. Last week we were lucky to be able to take over the garden room of Roger and Patty Prescott, who happen to be Prue’s sister and brother-in-law. They have the most beautiful old house to which they have added a wonderful oak garden room. As soon as I saw it last year I made a mental note that it would suit our furniture very well!

Second pray for fine weather!

On Friday morning things did not look too promising, but in the event we were pretty lucky with the rain holding off and some sunshine poking through the clouds from time to time.

Third, make sure you have a good team of furniture lifters!

The fruits of our labours

We found Chris Zuidyk – our quirky but highly skilful photographer – nearly 10 years ago. He is a pleasure to work with and we always have a good laugh as well as coming away with some lovely photos…

A glimpse behind the camera

There is a lot of furniture to shoot, different ranges in different fabrics, and for each set there needs to be a quick change to get the furniture in and laid out to best effect, and then removed and put back into the van. It can be a logistical nightmare! Luckily we have a strong and willing team. A few photos here of the action behind the cameras.



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