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Indonesia Appeal

Our chairs must take a backseat for few moments. A terrible storm struck one of our partners’ factories in Indonesia, so we must turn our thoughts to the colleagues and friends affected by this tragedy…

Just west of the port of Semarang, in the small Indonesian town of Kendal, our bestselling chairs, sofas and tables (called the Semarang range) are produced by our partner Pondok Kayu Tropis. Female entrepreneur Tri Dalke runs this small independent factory. She leads a team of dedicated and hardworking craftspeople who have been building and weaving our feelgood furniture for 12 years, and represent the best of our heartfelt Fairtrade values.

ftf pkt factory 4A few days ago, tragedy struck. A huge and unprecedented storm hit Central Java on Wednesday morning. Tri and her team watched helpless as the wind battered the wood, bamboo and corrugated iron structure, and ripped off large sections of the roof. She says she has never seen a storm like it. As you can see, the damage is terrible.

ftf pky factory 1

One end of the factory has been reduced to rubble, and significant damage has been done to some of the carpentry machinery, as well as raw materials and stock that was in preparation for delivery to us in the UK. In this photo you can see a band saw machine that is now open to the elements.

Our dedicated workers are hugely passionate about our Fairtrade Furniture and what it represents. It is not only their place of work that’s been devastated, but Tri’s whole project to provide sustainable livelihoods is under threat. If you can recognise the importance of this factory to the local community and what it represents, we ask that you join us and give what you can to help Pondok Kayu Tropis with their rebuilding effort.

Here at Fair Trade Furniture, we feel strongly and passionately about doing what’s right and helping those in need.

We know we’re not alone in this belief, and we don’t want Tri and her team of hardworking craftspeople to feel alone either.

That’s why we’ve set up a JustGiving page with the aim of raising £1,000 to support the recovery effort for our partners at the Pondok Kayu Tropis factory.

If you’ve experienced our furniture, you’ll know how much love and care goes into its production at every stage of the process. We think it’s right at a time like this to reciprocate that love and care for the individuals who make our furniture. We know times are hard and money’s tight, but with this storm our partners have suffered a big blow to their livelihoods and their shared project.

All we ask is that you consider the devastation you can see here.ftf pkt 5

You can find our JustGiving page here.

Fair Trade Furniture will of course be making its own donation to support this cause. But if you can also support our Fair Trade partners at this time of need, the whole team in Indonesia and those of us based here in Europe will greatly appreciate it.



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