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Farewell Salisbury…

…hello Dorset!

Dear friends and supporters

This is just a quick pre-Christmas update to let you know that after 13 eventful years we are leaving Salisbury and moving our home and the business to Dorset. Prue and I have found a lovely new home in Iwerne Minster where we can pool our resources and start an exciting new chapter together.

So it’s farewell to my town house in Salisbury, to the Cathedral and Close, and to our office showroom and warehouse on the other side of town. Salisbury has been a wonderful home and base for the business and will always have a special place in my heart.

But there is so much to look forward to in Dorset.

The panoramic photo above shows Hambledon Hill with its spectacular 360 degree views – this is just a mile or so away from our new home (shown left with a very excited Phoebe in the foreground). which will be the new base for the business.

We have also found a quirky but practical storage facility for the operational side on a Dairy Farm in nearby Ashmore which is Dorset’s highest village.

There will be more details about all of this in the January newsletter, but in the meantime I just wanted to share one potentially important date for any bargain-hunters amongst you (at least any of you who have the option to travel under the latest restrictions)…

And finally

Having helped move Prue out of her house in France in June, myself out of my house this last month, and vacated two commercial buildings in Salisbury these last 6 weeks, I have lost count of the number of vans I have loaded and emptied this year! So my main hope for the next few days is that I have nothing heavier than a knife fork and wine glass to lift!

So it just remains to wish you a very peaceful and merry Christmas in these strangest of times; and to hope that 2021 brings us all a speedy and safe end to the pandemic, and better times to come.

With our best wishes

Hugh and Prue


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