Strange bold design, our most cocooning chair, it’s a love-or-hate thing! But mostly love!

Video of Jogya suite in use.

The striking asymmetrical design of the chair creates a curl-up corner, with one side created high for you to nestle into, the other low, so you have easy access to your drink, book, i-pod or TV remote! You’ll notice each item in the range has an attractive fluted design, a bit like a tulip!

Materials used
The main material for this range is rattan. The wickerwork uses fine peeled rattan, woven onto a structure of rattan poles. The result is a strong and resilient chair frame which exudes quality, and shows off the sheer craftsmanship of our weavers. Wooden elements are made using Indonesian pine. Add to this four luxurious feather-filled cushions, and you have a highly individual feel-good chair.

Range of options
The individual chairs are left or right-sided. Two chairs make a symmetrical pair. The two-seater sofa is cosy, perfect for you and a loved one, or for your guests. There is also a symmetrical chair (low-sided) in case you prefer symmetry, or want to  accommodate a third chair.

Matching accessories include a coffee table (with wooden top or optional glass), side table, and footstool with cushion.

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Find more info on fabric options and dimensions in the Jogya product pages.