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At Fair Trade Furniture, we specialise in feel good furniture that benefits both you and the environment. As the first company to be certified as “Fair Trade”,  our range of products is made from natural woods such as Mindi and Rattan. This gives you plenty of support and comfort. 

If you are looking to add some style to your living room, consider our sofa dining sets. Available in all our ranges, they provide you with extra support and comfort. But what are the other benefits of choosing our sofa dining sets? Read on to find out more. 


Semarang Sofa Dining Set

The Semarang range is our flagship range and is suitable for dining. We offer a six piece sofa dining set with two chairs to put your drinks on. With modern living trends seeing an emphasis on comfort and adaptability, what sets the design apart is the two seater sofa. This is a design that brings elegance and style to your home. The panels in your home are woven in seagrass onto Mndi frames, while we add extra feather cushions for extra luxury. 

Boost the look even further with a dining table made from Mindi wood, seagrass, and glass. THis makes sure your table is allergen free and doesn’t contain any toxins, making ti a perfect choice for the environment. 

Jogya 4 Piece Dining Set 

If you are looking for a comforting sofa dining set, our Jogya range is the perfect option for you. One of our most popular ranges, this is an ideal design for those who want to enjoy perfect moments together. 

The chairs offer a high side for extra comfort so you can settle down, while the low side is perfect for that cup of coffee or glass of wine. The chairs even have a section underneath that you can use as storage space. 

Choosing these chairs is ideal for smaller spaces because that way, they are more compact. These sofa dining sets are made from rattan furniture which is easy to move and gives an element of beauty to your home. Adding a larger sofa completes the look, ensuring a relaxing and calming aura. 

eco friendly conservatory furniture

Personalised Dining Experience 

Sofa dining sets are gaining in popularity because they offer a unique and personalised experience to each homeowner. With dining rooms expanding to the living room or even a conservatory, it gives you the option to customise your space however you like it.

What’s more, our six seater dining tables work wonders in an open plan space. This results in an area for you to relax, eat, and socialise.

Our sofa dining sets are hand crafted and woven to create a natural look that is sturdy against any damage. The glass sits atop a woven pane of seagrass, creating a strong effect in your home. 

Sofa Dining Sets Add Decoration to Your Room 

What sets Fair Trade Furniture apart is its ability to bring out style and comfort in your home. This can be supported by lighting fixtures, for instance, if the sofa dining set was in a conservatory, you could use ceiling lights. Or, you can use a dimming light for more control. 

The softness of our fabrics creates a harmonious ambience in the dining room, resulting in a relaxing atmosphere. The calming rattan blends in seamlessly with any space, especially a carpet or wooden floor. 

Versatile and Easy to Move 

One of the other benefits of our sofa dining sets is that they are easy to move around. For instance, the Bantul range is ideal for compact spaces, while the 6 piece sofa dining set in the Semarang range gives a grandiose atmosphere to your home. 

Or, you might want to embrace the sunny weather, so the sofa dining sets can even be placed outside in the garden. This is ideal if you have a growing family with children or you want an outdoor party. Our ranges are perfect for any occasion. 

semarang furniture for small garden roomsAvailable in Numerous Fabrics and Colours

All the dining sets in our range are available in a selection of quirky fabrics and colours for you to stamp your personality all over your home. The sofa dining sets come in 25 fabrics and colours, giving you plenty of options to choose from. For example, our Linura Magent gives a rich dark tone. 

Or, if you prefer a calmer and neutral tine, we offer Mikado Dandelion, which is a natural green. Whichever colour or fabric you go for, there is something that’s right for you. 


Choose A Sofa Dining Set With Fair Trade Furniture 

We hope that this article has helped you understand why you should choose our sofa dining sets. Available in a wide selection of colours and fabrics, they provide a strong degree of comfort in your home.

If you would like to find out more about our ranges, give us a call at 01722 340882 or fill out our online contact form. Alternatively, come and visit our Dorset showroom where we have our full range for you to choose from. Book an appointment with us today!


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