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Fabric options – Supplementary  Band: B

A wealth of possibilities waiting for you to explore…

From our new textile partner Linwood Fabrics we have some beautiful options for you to consider; 3 textured weaves in different designs and weights:

Linwood Lars Geometric

Which is a very hard-wearing cloth in 23 colours.

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jepara lars geo
Linwood lars swatches

Linwood Tyger

An elegant jacquard weave in 8 subtle colours.

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jepara tyger ocean
Linwood tyger swatches

Linwood Kitsune

A large herringbone woven pattern in 6 colours.

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jepara kitsune fable
linwood kitsune

Linwood Velvet – Prints

Rich and lively designs with the added bonus of being washable and practically bullet-proof.

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semarang linwood omega velvet print
Linwood omega velvet-pattern swatches

Vanessa Arbuthnott – Prints

We also continue to bring you a selection of gorgeous Vanessa Arbuthnott linens, featuring 7 designs which we know look stunning on our furniture.

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Birds and Beasts Collection
Artists Collection
Swedish Collection
Artisan Collection
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jogya vanessa arbuthnott stripe dash
vanessa arbuthnott pattern swatches

Standard Fabrics

Geneva and our handwoven collection (Taaru and Naina).

Supplementary Band: A

Plains: Romo Linara, Linwood Delta, Linwood Omega Velvet

Washable patterns: the Cubis and Lorcan print collections
from Romo, based on Linara.

Supplementary Band: B

Linwood textured weaves, from their Lars and Fable ranges, and various printed velvets (Omega)

Vanessa Arbuthnott linen prints

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