Jepara hexagonal chair


Our new hexagonal chair has been cunningly designed to fit snugly into windows or spaces where the walls meet at 135 degree angles, which are common in conservatories and octagonal summerhouses. It’s a versatile chair that adds many possible layout combinations to our Jepara range. For example: two hexagonal chairs placed either side of a corner sofa make up half an octagon.

The wooden panel below the weaving rises quirkily from the back to the front, meaning that shoes or boots (or vacuum cleaners) do not damage the weaving.

The materials used are dark banana fibre for the weaving, and FSC teak for the sturdy wooden frame. The exposed wooden parts are all waxed teak. The back cushions are filled with 100% duck feather, literally supporting and hugging you in whatever position you adopt. The seat cushions use a foam insert for added resilience and this core is wrapped in down and feather.

Geneva WasabiGeneva WasabiChella ChamoisChella ChamoisSarawak DijonSarawak DijonTaaru NaturalTaaru Natural
Fabric Colour

Geneva Wasabi, Chella Chamois, Sarawak Dijon, Taaru Natural


Item Width  Height Depth
Chair (High left) 91cm 75cm 79cm

Note: these dimensions are based on the widest and highest point of the chairs. The chair footprint is smaller than these sizes imply because the design is wider at the top than on the floor.

Fabric options

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We have developed a selection of fabrics which we think suits the character of our ranges, and provides you with the opportunity to tailor the furniture to your preferred style and colour scheme.

There are four fabric collections to choose from, two at our standard price point, two with a price supplement. Between those 4 collections, we estimate there are well over 1000 possibilities for you to choose from!

But if you struggle with too much choice, we can recommend a short-list of options for each range which we know work beautifully with those designs.

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Geneva plains


Supplement A Supplement B

Linara, Cubis and Lorcan
collections from Romo Fabrics

Vanessa Arbuthnott linen prints

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Fabric Colour

Geneva Wasabi, Chella Chamois, Sarawak Dijon, Taaru Natural