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Quirky Conservatory Furniture

Quirky, adjective: Having or characterised by peculiar or unexpected traits or aspects

We’re sure that not many of these words are ones that you would associate with furniture – but since you’ve found us by looking for quirky conservatory furniture or similar, we’ll assume that you’re in the market for something a little out of the ordinary. 

Quite rightly, everybody wants to make the most of their living spaces. Website, magazines, TV shows – they’re all great for ideas and inspiration (sometimes as much for what not to do as what ideas you should pilfer). But increasingly, we’ve found our customers wanting to try something different. 

And here at Fair Trade Furniture, we’re all about doing things differently. As the first furniture company in Europe to be certified ‘Fair Trade’, we wear our hearts on our sleeves and are passionate about the process we’ve curated that’s truly fair from manufacture to your home. 

But that’s not to say that we’d define our Fair Trade values as ‘quirky’ – quite the opposite, we think that should be the norm. Our chairs, sofas, tables, footstools and more are as unusual in their style as they are in their creation. All of these elements come together for a sitting experience that’s truly out of the ordinary and supremely comfortable. 

In this guide, we’ll outline some examples of quirky conservatory furniture – both our own and others – and help to show you that (with us, at least) you don’t have to choose uniqueness over comfort. To learn more about our Fair Trade, stylish, comfortable and (proudly) quirky conservatory furniture, call us today or arrange a visit to our showroom. 

Quirky Colours

One way to make a statement with your furniture is the colour. Perhaps even more than shape, style or even type, this is what catches the eye. Recently, there’s been a rising trend for conservatories and even garden rooms to feel like an extension of the house. This makes sense – it can help make a more cohesive living space and make your actual home feel bigger. This has led to a rise in more muted colours, like greys, whites or creams and similar, which you tend to see in living rooms. 


But if you want quirky conservatory furniture colours, then you can look at something brighter and bolder. Here at Fair Trade Furniture, we’ve partnered with leading fabric companies in the UK to be able to offer an exceptional range of colours – in our online shop, you can see how each of our chairs and sofas looks in different shades to find the right fit for you. From classic florals and deep purple to bright green and orange, these colours will help to enhance quirky designs and create a conservatory that truly stands out. 

Quirky Shapes

The shape of a chair or sofa is key to how it makes you feel. If you haven’t seen the design of our quirky conservatory chairs, you’ll want to take a look. Alongside our Fair Trade values, we’ve become known for our asymmetrical pieces – that is, chairs and sofas with one side higher than the other. This helps to create a cosy nook that you can snuggle into while the other side is lower, so you can easily reach for your favourite drink, book or anything else you need. 

There’s no reason to accept furniture designs just because that’s what you’re used to or that’s what everyone else has. Similarly, quirky conservatory furniture doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort for something that looks different. We’ve found a way to make quirky comfy. Snuggle into an asymmetrical chair and the quirkiness of our conservatory furniture isn’t what you’ll be thinking about – you’ll be far too comfortable and relaxed for that!  

Quirky Functionality

When is a footstool, not just a footstool? When it’s also a storage box! That’s right – quirkiness is about more than how something looks and feels; it’s about how it benefits you. Our Semarang Footstool has a handy shelf just beneath the cushion for your favourite reading material – or anything at all. Quirkiness, for the sake of it, is never going to work. As we’ve already mentioned, our conservatory chairs look and feel different because we wanted to design something supremely comfortable. As a result, this helps them stand out. 


A similar product we offer is the Semarang Low Adjustable footstool. Rather than just a sphere of filled fabric to throw down at your feet, it’s an innovative and intuitive addition to your space. This footstool can be set to the right height for you – for maximum comfort. That’s not just quirky; that’s clever. It’s that innovation in design, manufacturing, functionality, and so much more that sets us apart. 

semarang omega mustard footstool

Quirky Conservatory Furniture from Fair Trade Furniture 

Smart innovation combined with comfort is at the forefront of our conservatory furniture that has been described as ‘quirky’. However, though we’re delighted to say we’re much more than that. Many customers’ first reactions are just how comfortable the chairs and sofas are. Truly, sitting is believing!  If you’d like to learn more, fill out our online contact form or  visit our showroom to try them for yourself. 



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