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Creating Modern Conservatory Interiors

At The Fair Trade Furniture Company, we are contemporary conservatory interior specialists, supplying a wide range of furniture that is ideal for all kinds of conservatories. Whether big or small, we can help your space to look and feel more modern. Create a welcoming atmosphere for your living space to welcome friends and family, so you can all enjoy in style.

What sets Fair Trade Furniture apart from the crowd is that the designs are made from environmentally friendly materials and soft textiles. We ensure that your furniture feels good, comforting and warm. What’s more, our Fair Trade Values ensure all our workers get treated fairly. That care can truly be felt all through the process. You’ll get chairs, sofas and much that are made with love – and made to last.

In this article, we will talk about how our range can fit in with contemporary interior design. For more information, contact our team or explore our online shop.

Turning A Small Space Into A Contemporary One

When creating a modern conservatory design, it is important to create as much space as you can, allowing for a fresh and welcoming look. Our Bantul range of furniture offers a neat and petite look with distinctive banana fibre that is woven on rattan poles. As quirky as it is comfortable, its unique features will make any space feel more stylish and contemporary.

Choosing the Bantul range is ideal for small space conservatories and garden rooms, creating a striking focal point for any living space that’s ‘feelgood’ in every way.

Stay in complete control of your space by shaping the ambience too, with exquisite shading solutions. This could include an antique lamp or a dim light, so you can create the perfect atmosphere. Complete the look with options from across our furniture ranges to craft a cohesive, contemporary space.

Conservatories of All Shapes and Sizes

At Fair Trade Furniture, we offer the Jogya range for your property, which is created with rattan furniture as its main element. Rattan features a range of poles and fibres, which enhances its soft and comfortable look for your conservatory.

Choose from our products such as chairs, sofas and even footstools for total comfort and relaxation.

Contemporary Look and Feel

A wooden floor creates an open space, which can create a modern look and feel. The foundation of a contemporary design is to not make it too busy or cluttered, so choose the furniture and accessories that feel right without overdoing it.

Additionally, you might want to add a dash of colour to the room. For example, our Bantul furniture range is available in colours and fabrics such as Geneva Shingle and Mikada Dandelion. However, if you are looking for a darker shade, we offer Saddle Mustang for a sophisticated look that catches the eye.

The Semarang Range Brightens Any Conservatory

Our flagship Semarang range is perfect if you are looking for contemporary conservatories, summerhouses and garden rooms alike. It is made from an Indonesian wood called Mindi alongside feather cushions or extra luxury and comfort.

The Semarang range is available in everything from a companion chair to a two- and three-seater sofa, perfect for a growing family. It’s an innovative design that combines style and comfort – the perfect fit for modern conservatory interiors.

Create Your Contemporary Conservatory Today

Create a modern, contemporary conservatory interior with stylish and comfortable furniture from Fair Trade Furniture. Visit our online Shop to see our full range with various fabrics and combinations.

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