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Conservatory Furniture Winchester

If you are looking for a furniture range that offers comfort and style, choose The Fair Trade Furniture Company. We have Fair Trade values at our core, creating furniture with a difference. Our selection provides fantastic comfort for your needs. 

All of our furniture range is created and crafted by our trusted partners in Java and gives comfort to every homeowner in Winchester. We offer three ranges: Semarang, Jogya, and Bantul, which are suitable for every property in Winchester. Designed to relax you and crafted from materials such as banana fibre and rattan, we have a style that is ideal for you. 

If you want to find out more, speak with our friendly team today. Visit our showroom in Dorset to see all our products in the flesh. We look forward to working with you soon.

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Fair Trade Values

Fair Trade values are very important to our mission, and as the first Fair Trade Company in Europe, we operate with a difference. By choosing from our three furniture ranges, you will get plenty of comfort for your home. And, what’s more, our products are made with love by our partners at Java. We provide them with outstanding working conditions so they can create a product to be proud of. 

Our products are made from natural materials, demonstrating our commitment to the environment. We believe in paying our workers a fair living wage, helping them live happily and comfortably. 

With these values at the heart of everything we do, feel confident you will get a piece of furniture that is right for you. We want homeowners in Winchester to experience comfortable furniture for your style, so contact us today to learn more.

Showroom Partners

Why not see our furniture for yourself?

We have all our furniture range in our Dorset showroom, so why not try it out for yourself? All our designs offer style and comfort in your property and can be fitted in a summerhouse or greenhouse. If you want to create your own bespoke furniture, our team will work closely with you. Drop by and visit to see what we have to offer.

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Take advantage of our stunning flagship range

You can take advantage of the Semarang range The ultimate in feelgood and comfort, our designs give your Winchester property the wow factor. This summerhouse  furniture range will ensure you get a design that enhances your space, giving you more opportunities to spend time in. 

Furthermore, add extra lighting to make sure your space is warmer in the winter. Choose from a selection of fabrics and colours that are tailored to you. Each homeowner in Winchester is different. With many years of experience, we have a design that is right for you.


Neat, petite, and aesthetically pleasing

If you are looking for a design that acts like a cocoon, take a look at our Jogya range. The chairs have two distinctive features that make you feel more comfortable. The low side is ideal to put your drinks on, while the high side is ideal to wrap you up. 

And, our garden room furniture is made from rattan, which is strong and weatherproof against the worst conditions. Furthermore, they are lightweight, ensuring they can be moved around to personalise your space. Available with fabrics and striking colours, craft your bespoke finish to a style that suits your needs.

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Give your home a comfortable personality with our Bantul range.

If you are looking for a compact retro feel for your Winchester home, take a look at our Bantul range. It is constructed from banana fibre, giving a comfortable feel to your property. This range is neat and petite, perfect for smaller conservatories. They offer a spacious feel to your home in Winchester. 

Offering a distinctive and attention grabbing space in your home, choose from sofas, chairs, and even coffee tables to put your drink. The designs are available in plenty of fabrics such as Geneva Willow and Linara Lora. And, choose from three types of colours: Saddle Mustang, Linara Teak, and the brighter Acacia Oyster. If you are looking to save space in your Winchester, home, this design is right for you.

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Our stunning feel good furniture is an inspired choice for your home in Winchester.

Whatever furniture you choose, we have the right style for you. With an abundance of styles to choose from. What’s more, these designs have Fair Trade values at their core, so you will feel confident that you will get a design that’s right for both you and the environment. 

If you are unsure about what to buy, visit our Dorset Showroom, and we will have all our products for your needs. Our friendly team will be on hand to help discuss your project.  Contact us today by giving us a call on  01722 340882  and we will get back to you. 

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