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Burghley Horse Trials is an annual three-day event held at Burghley House near Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. It is renowned as one of the world’s top seven three-day events, alongside prestigious competitions like the Badminton Horse Trials and the Kentucky Three-Day Event. This spectacular event showcases the talents of top riders from around the globe, attracting equestrian enthusiasts and families alike.

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Thrilling Cross Country Course: A Challenging Test of Skill and Courage

The Cross Country course at Burghley Horse Trials is widely regarded as one of the most demanding in the world. Spanning over four miles and featuring 30 challenging fences, it pushes riders and their horses to their limits. On the Saturday of the event, visitors have the unique opportunity to witness the excitement up close as riders navigate the course with precision and bravery.

jogya lo-lo chair and sofaA Perfect End-of-Summer Activity: An Unforgettable Experience for All

Taking place in early September, the Burghley Horse Trials provide a perfect end-of-summer activity for equestrian enthusiasts and families. Beyond the thrilling sporting action, this event is also a social occasion, attracting fantastic crowds from all over the country. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of event attractions and activities, making it a fun-filled day out for everyone.

Shopping and Dining: A Delightful Experience Beyond the Arena

In addition to the thrilling equestrian action, the Burghley Horse Trials offer a variety of shopping avenues for visitors. From equestrian equipment and clothing to artisanal crafts and local produce, there is something to suit every taste. The event also features a Members’ Restaurant, where guests can indulge in delicious food and drinks while soaking up the event’s vibrant atmosphere.

Ticket Information: Secure Your Spot at this Prestigious Event

To attend the Burghley Horse Trials, tickets can be purchased online through the event’s official website. The Box Office opens in April, and it is recommended to book tickets in advance to guarantee your place. Various ticket options, including general admission and membership packages, are available. Planning your visit in advance and booking early ensures you don’t miss out on this incredible event.

Extend Your Stay: Make it a Weekend Getaway

If you’re considering attending the Burghley Horse Trials, why not make it a weekend getaway? Stamford and the surrounding area offer a range of accommodation options, from cosy bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels. Take the opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside, historic landmarks, and charming towns that make this part of England so special.

Experience the Thrills of Burghley Horse Trials

Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and exciting day out, the Burghley Horse Trials is an event not to be missed. Immerse yourself in the world of equestrian sport, witness top riders in action, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this prestigious event. Join us at Burghley Horse Trials for an unforgettable experience.