Conservatory Furniture

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UPDATE: Hugh has recently returned from a month in Indonesia. Catch up with his adventure over on the blog: October in Indonesia

Conservatory Furniture

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Conservatory Furniture


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Fairtrade conservatory furniture

If you are searching for high quality conservatory furniture to provide comfort in your conservatory, garden room, or other living areas, we have a selection of chairs, sofas and accessories that have been designed to provide a perfect balance between comfort and luxury. A conservatory can provide a relaxing sanctuary within your home, and the right conservatory furniture can enhance the space to make it a welcoming place to retreat, or an ideal place to entertain.


The full range of conservatory furniture is constructed with meticulous care and attention to detail by our Fairtrade partners in Indonesia.  The conservatory furniture frames are made from locally sourced Mindi, an indigenous Indonesian wood. All the panels are woven in seagrass onto the Mindi frames. The chairs, sofas and footstools push the limits of comfort, with their plump feather cushions a foam core sandwiched between layers of down and feather make the seat cushions even more supportive and resilient. This really is the height of comfort in conservatory furniture.


Swedish design is renowned for its stylish simplicity; combine this with ethical sourcing of materials and a commitment to fair trade, and we are proud to offer you our conservatory furniture ranges. Whether you are looking to curl up in comfort in a spacious high backed chair, or are looking for a classic design to fit into a specific space, we have the ideal furniture for your conservatory or garden room.


World Fair Trade Organisation

World Fair Trade Organisation

Fair Trade Furniture is proud to be a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Fair Trade is pretty fundamental to our beliefs and values. Specifically, we believe that the Fair Trade principles can be applied just as well to furniture as to those smaller craft items and food products for which Fair Trade is now more famous.


In practice, Fair Trade means our producers get fair payment, treatment and support for improvements to working conditions, as well as investment in health and education programmes.