Fabrics: Supplement A - Fairtrade Furniture
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Fabric options – Supplementary Band: A

A wealth of possibilities waiting for you to explore…

We have developed a selection of fabrics which we think suits the character of our ranges, and provides you with the opportunity to tailor the furniture to your preferred style and colour scheme.

Romo Linara

A beautiful soft-touch cotton/linen blend in 360 colours.

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jepara linara azure
Romo linara swatches

Linwood Delta

A washable plain cotton print with a little extra character, 43 colours available.

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semarang geneva lime
Linwood delta swatches

Linwood Omega

An amazing collection of washable velvets in an attractive set of 100 colours.

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semarange linwood omega velvet mustard
Linwood omega swatches

Romo Fabrics – Print Collection

Cubis – From which we have selected two patterns that work particularly well.
Lorcan – From which we have selected three patterns.

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semarang companion kaiko magnesium
romo cubis lorcan swatches

Standard Fabrics

Geneva and our handwoven collection (Taaru and Naina).

Supplementary Band: A

Plains: Romo Linara, Linwood Delta, Linwood Omega Velvet

Washable patterns: the Cubis and Lorcan print collections
from Romo, based on Linara.

Supplementary Band: B

Linwood textured weaves, from their Lars and Fable ranges, and various printed velvets (Omega)

Vanessa Arbuthnott linen prints


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