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Reliable broadband providers for your conservatory, summerhouse or garden room

Adding a garden room, conservatory or summer house is a great way to add extra space and value to your home. However, maintaining strong internet connectivity in these extension rooms can be difficult as they’re typically further away from your router. That’s where a reliable broadband provider can help. Take a look at our rundown of some of the best broadband providers.

Reliable Broadband Providers

There are different factors to consider when choosing a broadband provider including cost, internet speed and deals on offer. Bearing this in mind, here are some of the best broadband providers in 2022 and what makes them stand out:


If you are looking for great deals, Sky is one of the best options. With multitudes of bundles and great offers to include TV and mobile deals too, you can get more than you bargained for when choosing Sky broadband for your home.


EE is a great provider if you are looking for reliable, high-speed internet. With options for both standard and fibre broadband, you can adjust their packages to your needs and your price range. For a provider that can reach even the furthest corners of your home, choose EE.


If you purely want the best speed of internet connection, Virgin is likely to be the best option for you. Their award-winning services offer much higher speeds, promising that you won’t have to spend ages waiting for your page to load or your video to stop buffering, even in your garden room. Find out how to determine the right speed for you, here.

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Additional Reliable Broadband Providers


Looking for a great broadband provider that won’t break the budget? If you’re willing to splash out a little, Vodafone is one of the best value-for-money providers that you can find. Opt for Vodafone to get high quality without putting any extra pressure on your bills.


Another provider you could consider is Plusnet. One of their biggest advantages is their customer service and the ability to get in touch with them. For an easy company that you don’t have to struggle to get a hold of, choose Plusnet for your broadband.


For the best option on a budget, consider TalkTalk. If you are trying to reduce bills or would rather not spend more than you have to, TalkTalk provides a reasonable service for the most affordable price.

Another way to cut down on spending when it comes to broadband is to use a comparison site like Papernest. Through this, you can discover the best deals and perfect packages for you in order to save money.


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