Luxury conservatory furniture
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Luxury Conservatory Furniture

Here you can read about why our range of luxury conservatory furniture has come to be known as “feel good” furniture. Each of the 6 sections highlight features and benefits of purchasing our luxury conservatory furniture including comfort, Fair Trade ethics and a long list of comments from very satisfied customers.

1. What is
Feelgood furniture

Good for body, mind and spirit.

We asked our Swedish designer to create a range of distinctive chairs which would feel good in every sense of that phrase: nice looking, really comfortable, produced on a fair trade basis, using natural materials that can be sustainably sourced. Find out more here…

2. Discover
the Ranges

6 ranges each with their own personality. Semarang and Jogya both feature an asymmetrical chair concept, high on one side to create a cosy corner. Jepara is our low-backed modular range, Kartosuro an under-stated modern classic, and Bantul, our neat and petite range.

Semarang Range

Quirky design, beautiful craftsmanship, super comfort. The ultimate in feelgood furniture.

The unique and stylish design of the Semarang Chair showcases the creative flair of our Swedish designer Tord Kjellstrom at his most original. The asymmetrical design creates a curl-up corner, with one side created high for you to nestle into, the other low, so you have easy access to your drink, book, i-pod or TV remote.

Semarang Conservatory Furniture Set

Jogya Range

Strange bold design, our most cocooning chair, it’s a love-or-hate thing! But mostly love!

The striking asymmetrical design of the chair creates a curl-up corner, with one side created high for you to nestle into, the other low, so you have easy access to your drink, book, i-pod or TV remote! You’ll notice each item in the range has an attractive fluted design, a bit like a tulip!

Jogya suite in Sarawak Paprika and Naina Coral - Conservatory furniture ideas

Jepara Range

Contemporary, modular design… luxurious and flexible seating, space efficient.

The new Low Jepara range provides our most flexible seating solution yet. The clever modular design allows you to create more or less whatever shape you want; whilst the low backs mean you can make the most of any views. So this range is an excellent choice for Victorian conservatories, octagonal summerhouses, modern garden-rooms and many other spaces.

Jepara set - Modular design, in conservatory

Bantul Range

Compact and comfortable…perfect for smaller spaces.

This is our latest range of smaller feel-good chairs, designed with the space-conscious in mind. The chair has a retro feel to it, with an attractive curved back and sleek straight sides, and quirky ‘horns’ and ‘legwarmers’ adding a touch of personality to the chair!

Bantuls in Acacia Oyster

Kartosuro Range

A design classic, beautiful curved lines, with a traditional armchair feel.

The inspiration for this chair was a cylindrical drum, which you see best when you look at this chair from the back and sides. The straight vertical lines of the chair structure contrast with its nearly circular cross-section when seen from above: so from behind you see a beautifully woven sculpture, from in-front a comfortable well-balanced armchair!

Kartosuro set in Geneva

Semarang Dining Range

Unique and beautiful design, with a classic blend of materials and lovely flowing lines.

The dining table features a beautiful glass top framed by Mindi wood, sitting above a woven seagrass panel. The unique chair design of the left and right-sided chairs allows your guests to relax and chat in the chairs long after the eating is over!

semarang dining set

3. Where to
see and try

There is no substitute for trying out our furniture in person. There are three main ways you can do this…


Fairtrade Furniture - Salisbury Showroom

Our showroom in Dorset has the full collection on display. We are generally open 5 days a week and can open up most weekends, but either way we ask that you make an appointment. Visit Showroom


Fairtrade furniture - Shows

We go to over 15 shows each year, in the period between March and October. These shows cover the length and breadth of England, and offer a lovely day out in some beautiful parts of the country. Visit Shows


Semarang Range on display in a summer house with retail partner

We are stocked by a few discerning retailers and have other display partners where you can see some of our ranges all year-round. For the latest list and their locations check here… Visit our partners

4. Furniture
in Situ

Some of our Fair Trade Furniture success stories.

Don’t take our word for it. Read what several of our customers have to say about the experience of choosing and buying our furniture, and see photos of how the furniture has transformed a number of very different spaces.

5. The
Design Story

We commissioned our Swedish designer to create a range of luxurious conservatory furniture, including distinctive chairs that would feel good in every sense of the word.

We are delighted with the results. His designs showcase the natural materials in stylish and ergonomic forms that offer you the benefits of luxury conservatory furniture with which you can create a perfect environment to relax and unwind.

Fabric options

A wealth of possibilities waiting for you to explore…

We have developed a selection of fabrics which we think suits the character of our ranges, and provides you with the opportunity to tailor the furniture to your preferred style and colour scheme.

There are four fabric collections to choose from, two at our standard price point, two with a price supplement. Between those 4 collections, we estimate there are well over 1000 possibilities for you to choose from!

But if you struggle with too much choice, we can recommend a short-list of options for each range which we know work beautifully with those designs. You can see these recommendations in the individual product pages of the Shop section.

Standard price
Geneva Plain

Geneva plains



Supplement A Supplement B
Romo Fabric Selections

Linara, Cubis and Lorcan
collections from Romo Fabrics

Vanessa Arbuthnott linen prints

Vanessa Arbuthnott linen prints

7. Meet
the Makers

Meet the people who create these wonderful pieces of furniture.

One of the many beautiful things about our business model is that the chain between you the consumer and the person who makes our products is very short indeed. You buy from us – we buy from Deddy and Tri – and these guys work for either Deddy or Tri. In a complex global world, THAT is a short supply chain! And it means you get a real idea of exactly who has been involved in making your products. Find out more here…