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Garden Room Sofas & Chairs

Our garden room sofas and chairs combine form, function and Fair Trade principles so you can sit comfortably.

At Fair Trade Furniture, we’re proud to create high-quality garden room sofas and chairs that suit any space. With our lightweight, versatile ranges of garden room furniture, you can enjoy your garden room in comfort and style. Our designs are perfect for curling up indoors with a book, enjoying the outdoors without getting your clothes dirty, and relaxing and unwinding after a long day. And, with our space-saving options, there’s plenty of space still left in your garden room for you to enjoy.

When you choose our feel-good garden room sofas and chairs, you get a stylish design that is made sustainably. All of our sofas and chairs are made with ethically sourced materials, meaning they have a lower carbon footprint. Not only that, we work with our producer partners in Indonesia to offer handcrafted quality you won’t find anywhere else. We can do this as Europe’s only independently verified Fair Trade furniture company!

Versatile and Problem Solving Designs

Our uniquely designed, environmentally friendly garden room sofas and chairs make a statement in your home.

We’re able to offer garden room sofas and chairs that look like no other. By working with our partners all over the world, such as Swedish designers and Indonesian manufacturers, our designs feel different and make your home stand out. We can offer quirky, asymmetrical garden room furniture that adds personality to your home and make using your garden room easier. For example, our chairs have high and low sides, ideal for curling up on one end while reaching for a drink on the other.

Our garden room sofas and chairs are as functional as they are fantastic to look at. We have several collections for you to choose from, and many of them save space and have internal storage to help you manage your garden room more effectively. And, when the weather is good, you can always move our garden room sofas and chairs outside! If you want to see our garden room sofas and chairs for yourself, book an appointment to visit our beautiful showroom.

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Fair Trade Values

As you can probably tell from our name, we put our Fair Trade values at the very heart of everything we do.

We’re aligned with the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and we offer a guarantee on our garden room sofas and chairs. Because of this, you can be sure every product we offer your home is completely Fair Trade. With these values at the core of our business, we make sure our full process follows the right principles all the way through. From supplier to customer, and everyone in between, every person who brings your garden room sofas and chairs to life is properly reimbursed for their work because of our values.

We also make sure that our garden room sofas and chairs don’t make a drastic environmental impact. Our principles allow us to trace all of our materials to source, and we focus on quality resources that don’t damage the environment. Not only that, we take steps to counter the environmental impact of importing our garden room sofas and chairs from Java. As a result, you can be confident that you’ll be helping the planet and professionals all around the world by choosing our designs.


Our stylish, statement flagship range.

Our Semarang range of garden room sofas and chairs is one of our most popular options. It’s a highly practical, distinctive range, with unique asymmetrical chairs that help you relax with ease. Semarang sofas and chairs are made from Indonesian Mindi wood, grown locally and sustainably in Java, as well as woven seagrass. With this blend of materials, your new garden room sofas and chairs will stand out in any room – you can also choose customisable fabrics for your designs!


Cosy, quirky and infinitely comfortable.

Alternatively, you can get wrapped up in our Jogya range of garden room sofas and chairs – literally. Jogya sofas and chairs have high sides that envelop you when you want to relax and unwind. With both left and right asymmetric chairs and feather filled cushions, you can be flexible with your furniture while being as comfortable as you’ve ever been. Our statement Jogya range is also weather-resistant, meaning you can use it outside without worry.

fair trade garden room furniture


The Indonesian word for “help”, our Bantul range of garden room furniture is a true problem-solver.

Neat and petite, the Bantul range of garden room sofas and chairs works brilliantly for smaller garden rooms and homes. Bantul sofas and chairs have a curved design, meaning your garden room looks less crammed while the designs blend in more naturally to the room. Additionally, these designs have added storage, while our expert weavers make your new sofas and chairs with intricate banana leaf wickerwork that has incredible craftsmanship. Garden room sofas and chairs like these are an exceptional choice for your home!

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