What is feelgood furniture


Our aim is for you to feel good in body, mind and spirit when you sit in these chairs.

tsantaiWe asked our Swedish designer to create a range of distinctive chairs which would feel good in every sense of that phrase: nice looking, really comfortable, produced on a fair trade basis, using natural materials that can be sustainably sourced.

What do customers say

Right from the start we were excited by the comments real people made when we first tested the chairs. We hear these sort of nice comments every time we show the chairs. Watch this video to see peoples’ reactions.

  • “deceptively comfortable”
  • “it feels like it’s hugging you”
  • “spacious and roomy”
  • “can curl up and read a book in it”
  • “I feel cosseted”
  • “Feel like I have permission to slouch!”


What are the ingredients of a feel good chair?

  • Innovative and stylish designs
  • Ergonomic support for the back and head
  • The comfort of feather cushions
  • Natural and sustainable weaving materials
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • A fair deal for the producers in Indonesia

What we mean by a feelgood experience

The Feelgood Experience

We have called the resulting collection tsantai: which means relaxation and feeling good in Indonesian.

To find out more about what makes this feelgood furniture special please watch this video.