Designer conservatory furniture!

designer conservatory furniture

Swedish industrial designer uses Scandinavian flair to solve a design challenge and create the most relaxing designer conservatory furniture.

Watch this video to find out more about how Designer Tord thinks and works.

Our brief
It all started with the idea of creating a “feel-good chair”. By feel-good we meant really comfortable, with attractive looks, made from sustainably-sourced materials, and based on Fair Trade practices. The point being that body, mind and soul should all feel good when sitting in our designer conservatory furniture!

The designer’s response
After a year or two of going down blind alleys, we eventually hooked up with Tord Kjellstrom, who rose to the challenge magnificently. From his design studio in Hexham, he dreamed up a range of possible approaches, first in sketch form and then creating 1:10 scale models (see picture below) of the front-runners, which were put into some informal research to gauge reactions. The idea of asymmetrical chairs was controversial… some loved it, while others were highly sceptical.



The Creation
We decided to press ahead with the prototyping of four models. The search began for suitable partners who had the right potential skills and an interest in Fair Trade, until eventually we found INORI, and a little later Mokko. Tord and Hugh then visited Indonesia to kick off an extensive period of product development activity.

Tord worked closely with Tommy, Deddy and their artisans to help them understand the designs, and our European quality requirements, specifically as relates to conservatory furniture. He also helped them to adapt their carpentry and weaving skills so that they could fulfil the potential of the designs. And so the range you see today, which we now describe as designer conservatory furniture was brought to life in early 2007.



The Cushions
Finding a cushion partner in the UK was also a tricky undertaking, but after a few false starts we eventually found an excellent small company based in Frome, Somerset, who now make all our feather cushions and covers, and who help us develop cushions for new designer conservatory furniture products.