Kartosuro ex-display sofa (Naina Olive)

£1,050.00 £200.00

This Kartosuro sofa was previously on display in our showroom.

The cushions are the usual high-quality duck feather content; the fabric  is a fairly traded handwoven cotton, Naina Olive, which is washable at 30 degrees.

The cushions are in very good condition, and the sofa itself is not bad, but there is some abrasion to the arms and sides caused by moving in and out of our van (see photos). But overall this is a very good buy!

Priced at £200 to reflect the scuffing damage (saving around £800 on the original price). Delivery not included. Please ask for a quote.

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Width  Height Depth
Sofa 145cm 104cm 80cm



Note: these dimensions are based on the widest and highest point of the chairs. The chair footprint is smaller than these sizes imply because the design is wider at the top than on the floor.