Year-round comfort for aspiring conservatories


Give conservatories a touch of feel-good luxury with beautiful handcrafted furniture from The Fair Trade Furniture Company.  These statement chairs are not only bold and beautiful in their design, but also big on comfort, demonstrating that you can have your fair trade cake and eat it too!



Made in Indonesia, using sustainably sourced natural materials, the tsantai™ collection from The Fair Trade Furniture Company is made under fair trade terms and conditions, guaranteeing that the team behind each stunning piece of furniture is paid a fair price and works in good conditions.

There are currently four styles of chairs/sofas in the signature tsantai™ collection – SemarangJogyaJepara andKartosuro.  These are the brain-child of Swedish industrial designer Tord Kjellstrom.  Each of the eye-catching, cutting edge designs features wickerwork-weaving, using natural materials such as seagrass, rattan and banana.  They are finished with generously-filled duck feather cushions which envelop the body as it sinks into the seat for an extremely comfortable and relaxing experience.  The ranges come with a choice of fabrics, including Fairtrade-certified options, to ensure the best match for your look.

The stylish designs and luxurious cushions make the ranges perfect for providing a touch of elegance in any conservatory.  There is a choice of chairs and sofa options which can be used to create pairs or suites, and there are matching side tablesfootstools and coffee tables.


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