Fair Trade is fundamental to our core beliefs and values. We do all we can to ensure our suppliers are treated fairly and we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint

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We are a small family-owned company with all hands to the pumps, so we haven’t yet had time to write out a carefully-crafted mission statement, but we do have four key values, which are:

  • Create special products which people will cherish
  • Make Fair Trade a way of life
  • Minimise our environmental footprint
  • Be honest and open in all our communications

You can find out more about us, our Fair Trade and environmental credentials within these pages.


Fair Trade and Furniture? How does that work?

World Fair Trade OrganisationYou can probably tell from the fact that we have called our company ‘The Fair Trade Furniture Co Ltd’ that Fair Trade is pretty fundamental to our beliefs and values.

Specifically, we believe that the Fair Trade principles can be applied just as well to furniture as to those smaller craft items and food products for which Fair Trade is now more famous. We are full members of The World Fair Trade Organisation, a global body which now provides an independently-certified guarantee system that Fair Trade has been applied from supplier through to the customer.

You can find out more more about this excellent organisation at:

The ten WFTO principles of Fair Trade to which we have signed up are summarised below:
1. Use trade to reduce poverty, creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers
2. Operate with transparency and accountability
3. Trading practices which emphasise the well-being of producers
4. Payment of a fair price, set by the producer
5. No child or forced labour
6. Encourage equal opportunity, non-discrimination and freedom of association
7. Ensure safe and healthy working conditions
8. Focus on building the capacity of suppliers
9. Active promotion of Fair Trade
10. Commitment to the environment, and sustainable practices.
The principles can be studied in more detail at this link:

In practice, Fair Trade means our producers get:

  • Payment of 60% in advance, meaning no borrowing required
  • Payment of the remainder when the goods arrive safely in the UK
  • A fair price for the goods, set by the producers, not by us as buyers
  • Investment in health and education programmes
  • Support for improvements to working conditions and facilities.

As our partner Deddy Heriyanto puts it:
“We feel like we have a brother overseas. We have partners who give respect to us even though we are small business. We feel our works are appreciated in a proper way. Thank you very much.”