Hugh’s News – March 2013

Spring is in the air…Spring quails 1 square

Keen followers of Hugh’s News will have noticed the plight of our quails in the last newsletter (snowbound in Salisbury!). Well I am very pleased to report that conditions have improved markedly in our garden, and there was even some early spring colour to enjoy at the weekend. Now that did feel good!

Furthermore we have had not one, but three opportunities to test our new outdoor furniture, outside our showroom, in the sun… for what have turned out to be very extended coffee breaks. Our work neighbours are a little perplexed, but we say the product must be extensively tested, and hang the protestant work ethic.

With Spring comes the prospect of our show season, and we are starting early this year with a new show at Easter weekend. This is the Suffolk Gardening show at Ipswich. If you fancy a nice day out, do come and see us. We have fingers and toes crossed for the weather.

Web designer spotted in Northern China
Matt Witt in HarbinOur fearless website designer Matt Witt is now in Northern China for a month. This is his strange way of rewarding himself for having finished an upgrade to our website! So while we are enjoying the first vestiges of Spring, Matt has been coping with snow, ice and very low temperatures in the city of Harbin. This is a little-heard-of academic city North of Vladivostok, and just 250 miles from North Korea.

Hmmm… interesting choice of holiday destination, Matt.

But do take a minute to have a look at his handiwork on our site.

You can remind yourself what our furniture looks and feels like in the Experience section.

New Fair Trade Furniture website

There’s also a neat new tool to show you the nearest place where you can try out our furniture; lots of new photos to browse (ours and some of our customers), and there is a new shop which finally works, so if you prefer to buy online that is now an option.

Good job, Matt!

Container delights

One of the pleasures of this business is the process of opening and emptying a container when it comes in from Indonesia. It’s like Christmas without the Brussel sprouts.

New tsantai outdoor collection

Just 2 weeks ago we opened up the samples of our 2 new outdoor ranges. Here is one of the new chairs with its stripey cushions on our local river-bank. We’ll be doing a feature on this in the next newsletter, but do let us know if you want more info in the meantime.

The other new product that we have just unwrapped is our new quirky Semarang coffee table. This a classic Tord Kjellstrom design… at first glance this is certainly unusual, but we think it is nice looking and a very clever idea. The table comes in two parts: one large table which has a neat shelf concealed underneath; and a second triangular table which either completes the shape, or can be used for occasional use as a handy side table.






The combined tables will sell for £375 (including delivery to mainland UK). Let us know if you are interested; so we can put your name on our waiting list. The tables are going into production now and we hope to have the first tables available by May/June.

March madness

Table lamp in pale bananaWe are currently running a promotion on our lighting range in March.  All the items (except the new Pyramid light) are available at 25% off, so now is a good time to buy. You can see the full product details by clicking here. There is a choice of three sizes (floor lamp, and two table lamps) in either pale or dark banana fibre; plus there are two lampshade types. To take advantage of this offer, please call us on 01722 340882 or email us with your interest – we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.

For those of you who like our seagrass range (the Semarang) there is also a small table lamp version made of seagrass. This is not available online, but all you need to do is call or email us if you are interested.


And finally…
Don’t forget… if you have any comments or feedback (good or bad) about us, the newsletters, or your experience of our business please let us know. Kurt Vonnegut said “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”… and I love a full breakfast.

Any thoughts on what sort of subjects you’d like to hear about in future newsletters please just email me:

Best wishes



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